Campovolo was a three day concert with over 120,000 spectators; a historic live experience that was created into a spectacular 3D film shown in movie theaters.

In Italy, it was the first concert film shown in 3D and is one of few in the world. “Ligabue Campovolo” transports us to the center of the exhilarating event, bringing us right on stage beside Luciano and contemporarily in the middle of the audience to give everyone the possibility to be a real spectator at this epic event.

The docufilm portraits Luciano Ligabue in never-before-seen-footage as he travels to the places he’s lived and recounts stories about himself, his longtime friends and the history of his friendship with a manager that has been by his side “then and now”.

In the film the doors open to some hidden behind-the-scenes footage of this grand and complex event, including: difficulties and unexpected hindrances, real live stories, the emotion of the musicians when they first walk on stage and the fans that camp out days in advance.

  • Client - Ligabue
  • Skills/Tools Used - Film production