In 2009 the historic fan club of Ligabue, that had closed its doors 6 years prior, reopened. It went beyond fanzine and newsletters to become a true social network; it is private and reserved only for subscribers, and welcomes fans and offers them a virtual place to meet and share information about themselves.

The success of the paid subscription community, Bar Mario, represents an extraordinary case study that, from one side highlights the importance of strengthening and fostering the hardcore fan base and the artist’s evangelists and from the other side represents a true business model.

Beyond being an exclusive online community, Bar Mario: guarantees access to news and content first hand, usually coming directly from the artist himself or his staff; reveals unpublished and noncommercial dvds; offers the right to purchase pre-sale concert tickets and gives fans the opportunity to participate at meetings and events.

Bar Mario is managed entirely by Eventidigitali, who is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including: technical aspects, editorial needs, the organization of new initiatives, the relationship with TV agencies and other entities, the production of dvds, shipping and logistics.



  • Client - Ligabue
  • Skills/Tools Used - Member-only community
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