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Since the early 1990’s, Luciano Ligabue has been the protagonist of the Italian music scene. Thanks to the project, “Mondovisione”, in 2013-2014, Ligabue climbed to the vertex of the charts with the most sold album and the tour of the year.

Eventidigitali works beside Ligabue to communicate and promote the best of his work and novelties that he brings to every project, which is always a great fountain of inspiration.

For “Mondovisione”, Eventidigitali Films was responsible for the fulfillment of all the video clips, the diffusion of the video clip “Per sempre” in movie theaters and carried out an important collaboration with Cinecittà Studios. During the sold out tour in the stadiums, Eventidigitali Films created the queen of innovation—a grand semi-cylindrical screen that characterized the stage.


Eventidigitali Comunicazione was a key partner in the project and took care of the online communication and promotion as soon as the album was released.


For the “Mondovisione Tour” the challenge consisted in being able to narrate the preshow and show in real time and carry over online the same kind of storytelling with the energy, visual impact and sound that took place in the live show. To achieve this task, we used some of the best photographers and graphic professionals that reported everything on-site and had constructed a “live” storytelling experience composed of live images and copy that recounted what was happening at that moment in the stadium.


Everything was diffused simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the official website.
Rapidity and accuracy in the realization of material were the fundamental characteristics of the entire operation.



  • Client - Ligabue
  • Date Completed - Dal 1999 ad oggi
  • Skills/Tools Used - Content strategy, Social media
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