Eventidigitali Comunicazione and Eventidigitali Films often combine their common experience and know-how to achieve objectives.

“Una storia semplice tour” (A simple history tour) carried Negramaro across Italy many times throughout 2013-2014. The band celebrated its first 10 years together, followed by two important concerts: at the San Siro Stadium (Milan) and at the Olympic Stadium (Rome) before continuing with an autumn tour in the main indoor sports arenas and finally, in the summer of 2014, playing in the most prestigious open air locations on the peninsula.

Eventidigitali, which has collaborated for many years with the band and employs some of the best professionals in the sector, is responsible for the promotion, diffusion of information and collection of photos and videos of the rehearsals and concerts.

Everything is communicated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the official website with optimal results.  As highlighted by Blogmeter.it, the hashtag #negramarostadi in July 2013 was positioned among the most talked about topics on Twitter and lead to a great level of activity on Facebook, earning the official band page over 400,000 “likes”.

  • Client - negramaro
  • Skills/Tools Used - Content strategy, Film production
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