In a very short span of time, Negramaro transformed itself from being labeled as an emerging phenomenon to being a well-known and accomplished group. Thanks to the group’s albums and live performances, songs climbed the charts and fans filled the stadiums.

It is fundamental to keep the fan base active on social media, particularly on the Facebook page, especially during moments that show (apparent) inactivity by the artist or during the recording of an album in the studio, while on tour or waiting for the release of a new single.

Negramaro’s engagement with fans has always been intense, however at times the group has had to “entertain” the users of their Facebook page without having news or new material at their disposition. The objective, in this case, is to be positioned the most number of times in the news feed of the fan’s page; the space is managed by a Facebook algorithm called  “EdgeRank”.

Even though posts don’t include a preview or “fresh” news, “Negramaro quotes and memories”, a winning mix of live images and quotes, have spontaneously brought multiple times more than 80% of users (Facebook sustains that they can reach up to 16%-17% of users without a paid campaign).

If the content is high quality, the user is inspired to interact, making the material go viral and therefore effective.




  • Client - negramaro
  • Skills/Tools Used - Content strategy, Social media
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